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Monday, 13 May 2013

By the eyebrows of Fernando Alonzo

I did enjoy today's Spanish Grand Prix, despite the fact that a lot of the "racing" is contrived with tyres designed not to last the course, DRS and KERS for once the race at the front was largely interesting, the best car and driver won, not because of luck or "strategy" but because they were faster and overtook other cars.   Alonzo was particularly impressive at the front but there were other points of interest, as the great detective might have said.   Hamilton was way out performed by Rosberg, and Button did well to go from 14 at the start to 8th by the finish, and Massa going from 9th on the grid to collect the third place trophy.

It was a nice way to spend the afternoon and relax.

A much needed opportunity to relax, I feel as though I have been overdoing it and need some time off, it's just that looking in my diary and the work I have in hand I can't see how that's going to happen.   More likely I will be working the next few Saturdays as well my usual five day week, so Sundays will be that little bit more important.   I must take the chances I get to relax, I will also be trying to drink a little less and get to bed earlier.   So not a new year resolution but a couple of simple aims for the rest of May
  1. get to bed on the same day I get up, and
  2. have at least three alcohol free days each week.
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