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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The best laid plans...............

I did not do very well on my hopes for the weekend.   I packed a couple of outfits I wanted to take some photos of, I also remembered to pick up my camera and tripod, on Saturday night after Mum had retired for the night I got changed, set up my tripod and camera, got all set for the first picture, when I found that I had left the memory card at home!   I had already managed to forget to take a belt or a pair of socks with me, so overall I did not feel as though I was doing very well.   As I get up at silly O'clock in the morning I tend to get my stuff ready the night before, leave it all down stairs and when I get up come down get dressed, grab my bag and go.   On Saturday morning I did put on some nail polish before getting dressed but realised when I put on my skinny jeans that I hadn't brought a belt down, rather than risk disturbing my wife I left anyway, it was only when I got to Cardiff that I realised that I had forgotten my slippers as well.   This is only slightly inconvenient but it did mean I had to be a little careful not to show off my deep red toe nails.

Whilst doing Mums shopping I did have a look at the clothes in Tesco's they have a red suit (Jacket, Dress and Skirt) that I really like, but bearing in mind my current financial circumstances I resisted temptation.   I would like the dress in particular but I will admit to wanting the jacket and skirt as well.   The skirt is probably a little on the short side for a lady of my age, but I like a length that is either short or long, I feel at my height anything in the middle is a bit, well, nothing.

So as I was feeling so good about myself for resisting temptation I thought I really deserved a little treat, so I bought myself a nice satin bra and pantie set.   I think they look better on the model here than they do on me, but then nobody except me will see them so that's OK.
And that is indeed one of the problems of pretty underwear for somebody like me, I just don't get to share the fun with anyone else, well anyone else except you of course.
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