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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

And the best laid eggs

As one of my little chores when visiting my Mother I like to go through her fridge and throw away any food that is out of date.   On this occasion I found half a dozen eggs that were around a month out of date, some cheese that was growing a green fur coat and some salad stuff that was beyond sad.   This is not that unusual, remember that Mother is in her 90s and is reliant on others to do her shopping, and I suspect does virtually no cooking beyond toast when one of the family is not there to cook for her.

On this occasion I decided to go through her store cupboard as well, there I found a selection of pasta sauces, good easy stand by stuff, just cook some pasta and stir in the sauce, except that they went out of date in January........2010!  I hate throwing away food, but on this occasion I think it was for the best, after all Mum is f an age where an upset stomach can be a serious problem.   It also made e think about the amount of food we waste as a family, I think my wife has some food security issues and always wants to have a full fridge.   I will often open the fridge door and find there is more food than we stand any chance of eating before it starts to go off.  Regardless of the ethical issues around food waste our financial situation should suggest that we should try to cut down on waste, the problem is how to address this without upsetting anyone.

I will be sowing seed for our home grown vegetables this week, at least that should mean we can harvest what we want as we want it, at least from those crops that we are able to grow.
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