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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

A Good Day part 3

Well when it came to actually playing eh concert I was pleased with how it all went.   I found I was a lot less nervous about my presentation than I had been at my first concert as Paula.   Maybe I was more comfortable musically, but I think it was mostly that having "broken my duck" I could stop worrying and just get on with what I was there for.    I did find that as I moved a little on my seat, to turn pages, adjust the music stand, get to the "long positions" on the slide etc. my dress would ride up a bit and I had to take care that what is quite a short dress didn't become indecent.   As a general principle I'm not against showing a bit of leg, but this could have been a wee bit extreme.

I find that I am really enjoying just going out and doing things, things that I would do, just doing the as Paula.   This may sound a bit silly, but as with any girls I found that I was contriving situations or occasion where I could go out dressed, this meant that the central point was to be dressed, rather than to do what ever it was that it was supposedly doing, e.g. shopping.   By engaging in a real world activity, with other people, the dressing becomes secondary, but still essential, and fun.   Performing is ideal for me, it is an activity I love and a situation I am comfortable in, and to make it even better at least a degree of dressing up is expected.

So far the Band and Orchestra have been very understanding and accommodating, but we are still not quite in the full real of civilians, I'm still not sure that I am ready to play with a civilian set up wearing a short LBD, one day, maybe if I was asked........

Anyway to get back to Saturday night, The first half went well so during the interval I risked a glass of wine and a slice of carrot cake.   this was quite the largest slice of cake I have ever had, more like half a normal cake, with lots of very sticky icing, not at all easy to eat in a ladylike manner, I did my best at least managing not to get any icing on my jacket or dress.   I had not risked a drink before the concert as I knew I sight reading the first piece, but by now I was comfortable as I knew a couple of the pieces and had reasonable rehearsal of the rest.

We got a rousing reception from the audience at the end of the concert with plenty of well deserved applause, after that there was nothing for it but to adjourn to the pub over the road.
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