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Paula's Place

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Fed Up

I'm feeling a bit fed up, it feels as though it's been raining now for around twelve months, I am behind with lots of my outside work, I can't get motivated to get on with my office stuff, I don't even feel much like doing some practise.   Still I have a rehearsal tonight and another on Sunday, and better still this evening there is a special preview night at Matalan for "loyal" customers, since I fall into that bracket I plan on going, and on this occasion taking my daughter along with me.  

She has bought a stunning red dress for her school prom and now wants some shoes.   She wants some white platforms with very high heels, I can understand why, they are very fashionable with her peer group and since she is not very tall, those extra few inches can help. 

However I do worry that extreme heels are, well, a bit too extreme for her, yet anyway, I also think that some classic black court shoes would go better with the dress.   

My Daughter is reluctant to talk with me about my cross dressing, I know she is aware of it, but she seems to be following her mother's example of "ignore it and hope that it will go away" so I need to be careful just how much I talk about my taste in female clothing, and just how much I know about walking in heels.   (Note to self, avoid saying "I would love that dress", or "I would wear that"!)   Anyway I rather hope that the prospect of Dad paying for the shoes might be an incentive to let him have a say in the choice. 

Yes that is the down side, it will be him going, Paula doesn't have a chance to escape until Sunday evening for my first rehearsal for the LGSO Spring Concert.
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