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Paula's Place

Monday, 18 March 2013


I seem to have created some confusion in my last post, it's my own fault I spend the whole post talking about Rugby, then right at the end I put in a paragraph saying that I will be playing with the LGSW, quite a few of you assumed that I would once again be playing Rugby.

I gave up playing Rugby about 15 years ago, I am now definitely too old, I am also far too light now to play in my old area of the front row.   I should have made it clear that LGSO stands for London Gay Symphonic Winds and they have asked me to play Trombone at their Spring Fayre.

There may be a little bit of me that is sad that I will not be playing rugby again, I think it is the only thing I miss abut getting older, but I do not miss not being able to walk properly until Tuesday after playing on Saturday, I do not miss having train pretty much every day, especially the running, and I do not miss cleaning my boots two or three times a week!
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