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Monday, 25 February 2013

Honey, I'm Home

OK so Courtney Lawes didn't make quite the impact he hoped for, but over all the team did well, and after all it is a team game.   This is proving to be a strange championship, but at least it is England who are the beneficiaries.

The whole weekend was a bit of a rush, starting with the morning dash down to Cardiff in time to get shopping and lunch before the rugby started.   Then on Sunday I had a few chores to do for Mum before lunch and a dash back to London in time for the evening service I was playing at.   After the service I had a chat with the section fixer, and unfortunately, for me, I will not be playing at Proms Praise or any of the upcoming concerts as they are trying to use a regular section rather than share the performances around.   This makes my other orchestras all the more important now.
As Mum tends to go to bed early and then sleep very soundly I took advantage of the opportunity to take a few photos of my LBDs

This dress looks a bit on the short side, and looking at the photos the sleeveless style may not suit my Navvy's arms and shoulders, but when I put it on I feel great, stylish, comfortable, and yes a little bit sexy.
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