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Friday, 1 February 2013

Good News ~ Bad News

You may know this game, one person says Good News, the next follows with Bad News, so along the lines of Good News You've won a prize, Bad news it's tickets for a Bruce Forsyth concert, Good News it's at the Palladium, Bad news, the Palladium Rochdale, Good News you get free Travel, Bad News by Virgin Rail..... you get the idea?

Well I have a situation a bit like that,

Good News I've won tickets to a fashion show for London Fashion Week, Bad News Paula can't go; Good News It's over half term so my Daughter can go with me, Bad News Paula can't go; Good News My daughter will love, Bad news I won't be able to say "I would love that dress", Good News valuable time alone with Daughter, Bad News well none really that's about it.

This is going to be such fun, for both of us, I plan to go up to London for lunch and then go to the show, if there is time we may go and "black our noses" at a posh shop or two before coming home.   It will be good to have an excuse to talk about clothes with my daughter, I have been baned by my wife from talking to her about my dressing, so maybe this will be a nice half measure.   I actually offered my wife the chance to go with our daughter, but she said no, she thought I would be more interested than her, while true, it must have taken some pluck to admit it.   I feel so lucky not just to have won these tickets but also that they are over teh half term holiday, this is going to be a real treat for both of us.
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