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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 19 February 2013


I'm afraid I have been rather a bad girl today, after spending a bit of time this morning on admin, I broke out and skived the rest of the day, it felt great guilty fun, a bit like playing truant from school.   First off I was a bit naughty and went to my local green waste site with over a third of a tonne of gardening waste, however by then I had already painted my finger nails pink and was wearing skinny jeans with knee high boot over them.   I have been trying to decide whether to keep these boots or not, I really like the look, but they are just a bit to tight.   Today I made my decision, they have to go.

After getting rid of my waste I changed into a skirt and pumps and went for a coffee and a sandwich.   To stop my guilt trip I did a bit of work on the old laptop while enjoying my coffee.   After that though there was no stopping me.   Having decided that I was going to get rid of my boots I needed to replace them, so I started to trawl the charity shops.

I visited eight shops, bought two black dresses ~ now I will have to do some more concerts if only to wear the dresses ~ on white pink and mauve flower print dress and a black satin blouse, that I may be able to wear as a dress shirt, but no boots!   In one shop they had two black dresses I liked but they were both a size 14, I thought I was being a bit ambitious even trying them on, but thought I would give them a go.   The first would not even do up, not good for the ego!   The second definitely falls into the LBD category, it is rather short, of a velvety sort of material and sports a bit of a puffball skirt.   I rather liked but was thought it might be a bit too short, then I realised I couldn't get the back zip undone, and had to go out into the shop to ask for help.   When I came out of the changing room seeking help, the manageress was there, she just exclaimed WOW when she saw me in the dress, after that I just had to buy it.

Tomorrow morning I get my hair done, after that I will have to do some work to pay for all those dresses.
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