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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

I love Microsoft

Well I thought I had my computer problems cracked, but it was not to be, straight after my last post the computer shut down and simply would not start up again.   I am now told by the manufacturers help line that it will have to go back to them for repairs, but first I need to find the purchase details to show that it is still under guarantee.   I am only back on line now as I have retrieved my previous laptop and am using that until the new one is sorted.

So other than my computer problems I have spent the weekend in Cardiff, as well as some quality time with my Mum I also managed to get a little Paula time on the journeys.   On the way home I had a bit of an odd encounter. I stopped at a services  for a coffee, sat at a table reading I was joined by a very attractive young lady who seemed very interested in having a chat.   From what she told me I understood that she was in the throws of breaking up with the boyfriend, who was with her, from this I suspected that for her I was a bit of protection, and maybe a distraction.   I also got the impression that she was much more interested in herself than others, certainly she was more interested in her questions than my answers, but maybe that was just down to her current situation.

What ever, it was quite pleasant for me to have some (very attractive) company while I drank my latte and the chance to have some conversation, after all lets face it it's not everyday that a young attractive woman comes up to my table and asks if I mind her joining me.

I hope that I will be able to get back to normal soon, but in the mean time I am remembering why I prefer Windows XP to Windows 7, the main trouble I anticipate is that a lot of what I have done recently has been on Office and of course I won't be able to open new office documents on Office 2000...... but then where would we be without the joys of Microsoft?
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