Paula's Place

Paula's Place

Friday, 2 November 2012


We got back not too late last night, but late enough hat I didn't feel like making a proper post, and late enough that I didn't have time to catch up with everything that has been going on in my on-line world.   I know a lot of you will keep up with such things on phones, this is not my way, my phone is for talking to people and sending/receiving messages.   It has a couple of gadget I like and use, I do occasionally use the camera, but wouldn't miss it much if I didn't have one, I do like the torch though, that is a great idea.

I have now caught up with all of my Paula e-mails (I haven't dared to look at his yet) and the blogs I like to follow, I will start catching up with the cartoons later.   I am very pleased to see that Karen has returned to her blog, and I have added a link back on the side bar.   It is generally pretty obvious that the world carries on turning even when I am away on holiday.   The temperature here is about 20 degrees lower than we got used to last week, but coming back to our garden I find we still have Sweet Williams, Fuchsias, Nerines, Cyclamen, Impatiens and some Chrysanthemums all in flower, and best of all my Kniphofia is in it's full glory, it's always a little late, but well worth waiting for.

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