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Sunday, 28 October 2012

More Answers

Prepared on the 13th October for later publication while I'm on Holiday

Way back last month I did a post answering some questions, a couple of my answers were a bit ambiguous.   The bit I'm thinking of was this

4. Do you like your life right now? YES

5. What was the last lie you told? The answer to the last question

So am I happy with my life right now?   Right now I am on Holiday so I hope I am happy, but slightly more broadly, not so sure.   If I look at where my life was around two years ago I was struggling with my cross dressing and with my finances, as a consequence my relationship with my wife was also on rock ground.   I am now largely reconciled with double life as a cross dresser, and I have my finances under control (ish).   I am still heavily in dept, but the amount is reducing in a steady controlled and agreed way.

I would like to have more money, I would like to have more time ~ to have to work less intensively, I  would like the opportunity to write more, and to perform more.   However I am generally content with my lot.   My daughter is progressing well, I love her very much and I am very proud of her, and my wife is a gentle generous and strong lady, so why woudl I not like my life right now?    I suspect that maybe I am just one of those people who always want more.

When asked how I am I have been in the habit of replying "Nothing that couldn't be fixed with £20,000 and two weeks in the sun"
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