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Friday, 26 October 2012


Post prepared on Tuesday 9th October, this is old stuff because I'm on Holiday

Yesterday it was raining pretty hard in the morning, so I knew I would not be able to do any garden work.   My schedule was simply catching up on some gardens and then visiting a customer to plan the next stage of a a re-modeling we are doing.   I changed my plans, I sent a text message to y friend B asking if he was around for a cup of coffee, but got no reply, so once my wife and daughter had left I go dressed, this was the morning I re-created the look from my dinner away for these photos.

After my little photo session I changed into something a little more appropriate for the time of day and the season, after lunch I decided to go out.   Wardrobe note I had longish cherry red finger nails and was wearing my black and grey day dress with black court shoes, nearly black stockings black shoulder bag and my long wool overcoat.   I was already out when my friend called, he had just picked up my message and was available to meet up, without think I agreed and went over to pick him up.   As I arrived at his house he was standing outside smoking, looking down the road straight at me, but didn't recognise me!   This was the first time he had seen me in a dress (the previous time he had met Paula I was wearing a trouser suit I wanted to break him in gently) so it may have been that or the hair, any way I find it interesting that he didn't recognise me but my GG friend S did.

We popped into the Nero's in West Wickham for coffee, and had a long chat about his employment prospects, books (I had just finnished Brokeback Mountain which I would recommend, I haven't seen the film yet but the short story is very good) we have been reading and the trip to York we are planing for early next year (as long as he is in gainful employment by then).   It was so very nice to just sit and chat with a friend, feeling comfortable and relaxed dressed how I want.   B was not at all self conscious about what I was wearing so it was a shame when I had to leave to make sure I was not late to meet my customer.

As it happened I had a little time in hand so I popped into a Matalan near by and checked out their wears, I bought myself a new sparkly bracelet ready for the party season (I hope Paula will be asked to some) and this dress ~ I know it is a bit short but I think I ca get away with it if I wear opaque tights, leggings or even skinny jeans.
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