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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Thank You, but I don't like boxing

As I said here it is nice to say thank you, and it seems that many of you agree.   It is not just me who has been working hard recently, my wife has had a really difficult week, with a pretty unfair work load.   The difference is that she has a boss to say thank you, and he did.

Yesterday (Friday) she came home with this lovely bunch of roses, isn't it nice when some one realises that you have done something above and beyond the call of duty, and says thank you!  

On a different tack I saw this this morning and just felt I had to share, and by the way I don't like boxing, to me it seems that it is the only sport where the object of the sport is to inflict pain or injury on your opponent.   I have already observed that back in the day I used to ply my trade in the front of a local rugby club.   Quite a few punches used to be exchanged, we may even have tried to hurt each other a bit, but that was not the object of the exercise.   As far as I can work out all the other "martial arts" are about moves rather than inflicting injury.   I know that boxing fans will say the same of their sport, yet the most comprehensive way to win is to knock your opponent so senseless that he can't even stand up.   However the thing that annoys me most about boxing is that I enjoy watching it!
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