Paula's Place

Paula's Place

Sunday, 23 September 2012


Maybe it is because I'm feeling so tired these days, surly I can't have lost my zest for life? I just haven't been getting a lot of fun out of shopping recently.   I still regularly do my trawl of charity shops, the other day I bought myself a wallet, I have been hold off buying one until after fathers day and my birthday, hoping that someone woudl notice the need and buy one for me.   I am also after a small bag that I can attache to my belt while I'm working, something just big enough to take my phone, since I am always mislaying it.

Usually when I have something in mind I will look in that section, but also go through all the other things and maybe find a dress or a blouse that takes my fancy, recently I look at things and think to myself  "no I've already got too many dresses" maybe I'm beginning to grow up a bit.

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