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Paula's Place

Friday, 7 September 2012

Quick and messy

I'm feeling very tired, waking up this morning a lot of muscles ached, my brain took quite a while to start functioning, I could have quite happily stayed in bed for another couple of hours.   Unfortunately that was not an option.   Mind you it is probably my own fault.

On Wednesday evening I went and played at Eastbourne, it was a good evening, a mostly reasonable performance, unfortunately I think the band was better than the conductor, so at least it is easy to tell when things did go wrong, why they did.   I did discover that playing tuba means sitting at the back of the band and staying a lot warmer than the flutes at the front~ good, but don't get to see any of the fireworks ~ bad.   As a section we also seemed to be the butt of a lot of the announcers jokes, but since he is a tuba player as well we can take it.

Thursday was a hard day work wise, we moved a lot of stone soil and timber, built a base for a new shed, and did some prep work for a new compos system.   I would have liked to have done more on site but had to dash down to Rochester for a meeting not getting home and eating till gone ten.   Today simple ordinary gardening, but lots of it, then on Saturday I will be back to build the compost bins.   I need a break, but I also need the money so for now I will look forward to my holiday at the end of October and try to find a way to celebrate my birthday.   In years past B and I often celebrated our birthdays together, I want t see if he will take Paula out to dinner to celebrate this year, I think it may be difficult to find the time even if he is still willing.

Sorry this is a bit of a quick and messy post, but I'm feeling very tired...................
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