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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

A Piece of Cake

As I said today I am picking up a new lawnmower, this has meant a drive into the wilds of Essex, I don’t often stray north of the Thames, but today I am glad I did.   This morning’s activities went well and I managed to get changed and away earlier than anticipated, in consequence I arrived near where I am to make my collection a little early.   So I am currently sitting in the garden of a country pub, with a cool glass of lemonade (yes, really, lemonade ~ with a dash of Angostura biters) enjoying the sound of birdsong and the warmth of the sun on my shoulders.

Since it is such a nice day I decided to wear my new cotton summer dress this is cut quite high at the neck, sleeveless and with a very full skirt.  It is white with quite narrow printed red hoops.    Although a little on the tight side around the bust the full skirt makes it very “airy”, absolutely ideal for a warm sunny day like today.   Because it is so warm I am being brave, I am wearing some flat canvas shoes, no hose, and very little makeup, I got some glances as I entered the pub, but that’s not so unusual.   The more I do this the more I think people will see what they expect to see, and if they do think anything may be out of the ordinary are less likely to react if I have the confidence and self-assurance to show that everything is normal.   I think I have time for one more drink and then I must go and collect my new mower, as long as I don’t get lost I should be changed and home in time for meeting tonight.

I am now taking a pause on my way home, I have collected my mower and crossed back to the civilised side of the Thames I have a couple of things to pick up at Tesco’s but at the moment I have just stopped for a cup of coffee and a slice of cake.   I had been looking forward to a slice carrot cake, Costas do a very good carrot cake, so I was a little disappointed that they had run out, I just had to put up with lemon cake instead.   Sometimes it is nice just to take a time out, enjoy a coffee, a chat with a friend (alas only on the phone) take a deep breath and, relax.
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