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Thursday, 16 August 2012

New Toys

I belong to an online forum where there is a pretty permanent thread titled "What did you buy today?" of course what they have in mind are girlie clothes, makeup or jewelry.   At the very least something related to cross dressing, after all that is the main subject of the forum.   Today I have spent a small fortune on new toys.  

On Saturday it is my daughters birthday, for ages she has been lusting after a proper digital SLR.   She had more or less set her heart on a Cannon, but I felt we should at least have a look around and see what else is on the market, and make sure that whatever we did get does what she wanted and was comfortable to use.   I didn't have too much on this afternoon so we took a little trip to our local camera warehouse.   All the staff there know their stuff and are very helpful.   Since they are enthusiasts they don't mind spending time chatting.   I'm glad we did since when we tried them all we ended up with a Nikon.   It was a good deal and she is happy with how it feels and operates.

I also bought myself a new toy.   I now have three chain saws, two of them won't even start, I tried to get them repaired but was told that they are too old and the parts aren't available.   I suspect that they are perfectly repairable but I don't have the time or the inclination to try myself.   After a fair it of consideration I decided it was easier and probably cheaper to just buy a new one.   I have a couple of jobs looming where I could really do with it, indeed it will probably hit payback within a few weeks.   There is also the element that knowing I have it available I know I can take on pretty much any job now.

I now have a working chain saw, hedge trimmer and strimmer, next I need to sort out my mowers.
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