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Monday, 9 July 2012

Boobs bums and sticking plasters

I do not have a particularly womanly figure, I have the typical wide shoulders narrow hips of most men, fortunately I don't have the typical beer belly of many my age.   To cut a more appropriate figure I rely on external help, that is help that I put on externally, in the form of silicone breast forms and hip and bum pads.   So far I have either relied on my clothing holding these in place, or have used double sided tape bought from the manufacturer of my forms.   This is either going to being a little insecure or rather expensive as the tape is quite costly.   A couple of time I have had a hip pad go astray, slipping down inside my tights, not a great look!

I know many of you will be thinking why not use the special pants with pockets for pads? well for me a lot of the point is t wear pretty things, and they just aren't!   I have been trying to come up with a economical solution to keeping my padding in place, and allowing me to wear the undergarments I lust after choose.   Well I am hoping that I ma have found that solution.

While shopping yesterday I noticed a product I hadn't seen before Elastoplast Spray Plaster.  A little of this sprayed on the back of the pads, left for a moment to get tacky and then positioned seems to hold them in place.   I am currently having a test run, (without tights, just jeans and some panties that do not cover the hip pads and only part of the butt pads) and so far everything seems be in order.   If this works out then I shall try the same thing next time I am out and using my breast forms, if not then I haven't wasted much.   I hope that I shall have something positive to report on this front soon.

I don't know what opportunities I shall have to dress over the next week, but next Saturday my wife will be out all day, and in the evening I have my support group meeting.   I don't know yet what my daughters plans are, but there may even be the possibility of a whole day for Paula.
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