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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Another Admirer

On my way home on Sunday afternoon I got a call saying my wife and daughter would be out when I got home, so I decided that I might as well stay out for a little longer enjoying my Paula time.   I also decided that the suit I was wearing, while suitable for a woman returning from lunch with her Mother was not so good for time in the pub on Sunday evening.   When I had a chance I changed into a very nice longish black cotton dress with white spots, of course everything else was already in place.

When I got to the Crystal Palace I found that the "Grape" was very quite with customers in single figures.   I had a bit of a chat with a couple of them and with the staff but passed the rest of my time reading a book I had with me for just this eventuality.   This has happened more than a few times, and although it is nice just to be out and accepted it would be better if these ad hoc occasions were a little more social.   As a lone woman I am never sure just how pushy I should be in striking up conversations with strangers in a bar, after all I don't want them to think that I'm that type of girl!

After leaving the pub walking back to my van, then some one did try to strike up a conversation, once again I find myself the recipient of a man's phone number.   Although this one was rather more acceptable I bear in mind Meg's good advise, I am married.   I also can't help but notice that of all the men who have hit on me three have been Black, and two Asian, no white men, also only one was nice, non predatory, about it.   Now am I seeing another side of men or do I just attract creeps?

Given that if my presentation is so good that I totally pass (which I doubt) then I am a rather tall, broad shouldered middle aged woman, usually modestly dressed and always wearing a wedding ring, I can't help feeling that these men are not seeking a "normal" relationship.
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