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Paula's Place

Saturday, 16 June 2012

In the Pink

Well, as so often seems to happen today did not go quite to plan, but I'm not complaining about that, well not too much.   This morning was a real challenge, I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep so got up, but was still very tired, probably too tired.   Eventually I got going and managed to tidy up the van a bit, but didn't even get as far as looking at a lawn mower, if I don't fix one tomorrow I shall have to make it a special job on Monday morning when I should be out earning money.   Well the rush was because I was playing in a band at Clapham Common for a local Church / community fete.   The band was better than I expected, but still of limited quality ~ without being boastful in any way I think I was possibly the best instrumentalist in the band and made less mistakes than anyone else even though I was a guest and sight reading.   Still it was fun to play in a brass band and to play some different music.   Just a couple of little observations, as has become something of a habit I wore a nice pair of side fastening mole skin trousers with sheer tights underneath, and as far as I am aware no one noticed.   Also, where else but Clapham would there be an olive oil stall at a church fete?

We finished playing a little earlier than I had expected and no one seemed to want to stay on for a drink so I made my way towards home, but decided that I would pop into the Grape and Grain for a quick drink as Paula.   Originally I thought I would just put a bra and some makeup, but when I looked in my bag I found my new pink linen dress, and felt that it needed an outing.   The pink dress needed matching nails and some nice tights and shoes, I don't think I disappointed it.  

I hadn't realised that there had been a festival going on at the Crystal Palace and the place was packed and there was a brilliant band playing.   So there I was in a packed pub with no where to sit down wearing my new pink linen dress and feeling just a little conspicuous.   But everyone one was friendly and welcoming the landlord even remembered my name when he asked what I wanted to drink.  

As I said the band was great so I stayed for a while, one girl ~ Minnie engaged me in conversation, we had quite a chat about the area, the band and being prepared to dress how we wanted to, in reference to her 50's rocker style, but with an unspoken implication.   She treated me very much as one of the girls, and I have to say that she really made my day.   I stayed a little longer than I should have so was a little late home, but WOW what a good evening.   (I'm not exactly sure but I think at one point one guy actually had a quick grope at my bottom, I hope he wasn't too disappointed to find that most of it was silicon!)   So I was in a busy pub, as an unaccompanied female, I hope a not  too unattractive one.   I was well dressed and reasonably presented, I was obviously alone and yet not a single man approached me, am I disappointed, well maybe just a little, but I'm not too sure why, but I am a little worried about the men round here.

I like this pub, the staff and landlord accept me, and the landlady is very friendly.   I have not had a lot of contact with their customers but have certainly had no problems, if I did I think the landlord would be protective.   Maybe I am their token tranny or maybe they are nice people and don't are how I dress, what ever I find it a nice place to be.   I understand that this band play there regularly on a Sunday evening, and that Minnie is an irregular regular at the pub, so I think I will be trying to get up there on a Sunday evening occasionally when I can.
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