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Paula's Place

Sunday, 3 June 2012


So I am now writing about Thursday evening on Sunday morning, and realise that I never really finished my account of last weekends outings.   Well in many ways they both ended the same way, on both occasions I wanted to extend my time as Paula rather than just returning to what would probably be an empty house, getting changed and going to bed.   So rather than just go home I stopped off at the Grape and Grain this pub is very accepting and welcomes Paula when ever I am there, my only worry is that "He" often goes there on a Monday night and I know my brother uses it on a Sunday lunchtime.   Never the less Sunday I popped in for a couple of glasses of wine, I was joined for a while by the landlady, who not only remembered me (whether as the bloke in a dress or the large lady on her own with a book she was far too polite to mention) but also remembered my name.

We had quite a chat, about the weather and how to dress for it, the book I was reading and a book club they run each month. I would like to join their book club but so far the dates have clashed with other commitments.

Wardrobe note, I was wearing my White linen trousers, a blue singlet style top with spaghetti straps and a white linen tunic unbuttoned.   With my white leather handbag and black and white sandals a nice cool summer outfit.

On Thursday evening I was surprised how busy the pub was, it was hard to find a seat at all, it was only after I had settled in that I realised it was a quiz night, if I had realised sooner I might have tried to join a team, may be another day.   Still I had a pleasant evening the quiz was quite entertaining, the house white wine good, and I enjoyed a fish finger baguette with lime mayonnaise ~ I always like to try something new.

I think that brings me mostly up to date, I have a busy weekend playing at lots of jubilee celebrations and then next week is a busy one with work again, my next planed outing will be on Saturday when the support group meet.   But with the weather looking changeable at best and my wife going back to work on Wednesday who knows what the week might hold.
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