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Paula's Place

Monday, 25 June 2012

Everything falls into plaice

I saw a notice the other day that just said

"What if the Hokey Cokey is what it's all about?"

I rather liked the sentiment but left it at that, then I managed to type the title of this post into a comment on a forum as a miss spelling, and just started trying to think of the story that this could be the punch line to; and couldn't, if you can let us all know.

Of course what I had meant to type on that forum discussion was, "Once you accept yourself, then everything falls into place."    In saying this I was drawing on my own experience over the last couple of years, writing this blog, going out and mixing with people.   It was when I joined a forum that required a name that I first called myself Paula, now I had a name I began to develop as an individual, a person, a character; some one who could not be kept caged up inside.   It was about the same time that I started Paula's Place (not Paula's Plaice) that I accepted that my cross dressing is something that is part of me, is something I am rather than something I do, and is definitely not something that is going to go away.

What has happened since then, well I have been out quite a lot, but not enough; I have come out to a few friends who have so far all been cool about it.   I am happy with myself most of the time, but my partner cannot bring herself to accept this aspect of me, maybe I a m wishing for the moon but that is the one true fly in my ointment of life.

When asked how I am, I often reply nothing that couldn't be solved with £100,000 and a couple of weeks in the sun, well add the acceptance of my wife and then I would have nothing (well very little) to complain about.
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