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Paula's Place

Friday, 29 June 2012

Boots Bands and bashfull

My favorite shirt
Yesterday I made passing reference to my choice in toe nail colour, at the moment that is bright cherry red.   After the osteopath I had a rehearsal, my friend S plays in the band and paid me a nice little compliment on my shirt.   This is actually my favorite shirt so I was quite pleased.   After the rehearsal in true musician tradition we retired to the local pub for refreshment.

I am actually surprisingly chivalrous, so as S does not drive I usually make sure she has a lift home (single lady on public transport after 11:00 p.m doesn't sound like a good idea to me).   So this week I gave her a lift and just as I was dropping her off she said "Oh yes, and, Cute Boots", (these boots) I was too surprised to say any more than a quick thank you.   Well I think the boots are cute, but have been unsure as to whether I can get away with wearing them while ostensibly in male mode, now I am even more confused. I will be working with S again today (Friday) so I may ask her, something along the lines of, yes I like those boots too, but are the a step too far?

We'll see I may ask, or I may not.   What I would quite like to ask is how about doing lunch one day with Paula?   If I do don't worry you will be the first to know.
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