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Paula's Place

Monday, 2 April 2012


On Sunday my community wind band played at the finals of the National Concert Band Festival at the Royal Academy of Music in London.   For us this was relatively local only having to come from Croydon, some bands had travelled from as far as Glasgow to play.   Each band plays a short program, this is then adjudicated against a set of criteria and then given the appropriate award ~ everyone is always at great pains to make it clear that this is a festival not a competition.   We got a gold award, all the other bands received silver awards, but it is a festival not a competition so we cannot say that we won!

Having said that we certainly celebrated a win in the traditional band style, i.e. a fair amount of beer and lots of good natured conversation, if I have to have a day out in drab this is my type of day out.   Of course I know you are all interested in all aspects of my life and unless you were in one of the other bands you will be happy at our success, I also know that you are probably more interested in the trans aspects of my life, how I deal with it and what I wear.   Well Sunday was a big day for Paula as well, firstly I was not totally in drab, as has become my norm of late I was wearing panties and tights under my trousers, and the trousers were not the usual black dress trousers but my new(ish) moleskin trousers with a side zip.   While I don't think anyone noticed the side zip one of my GG friends did comment on the moleskin effect, I'm not really sure if she was aware or not that they were girl's trousers.

Towards the end of the afternoon I found that I was alone with S. the lady who works with me as well playing in a couple of the same bands.   As we spend so much time together we have become quite close (in a purely fraternal way) and I have been thinking of coming out to her for some time.   Since we were alone, in a social environment, feeling relaxed and quite pleased with ourselves I took the plunge.   Actually coming up with the words was as hard as the decision, but I was really pleased that she just took the news in her stride, a little surprised but not judgemental in any way.   We carried on chatting on for a bit longer before leaving for our homes.   Just how well she has taken the news, and if it will effect our relationship in any way will start to show tomorrow when we will next we working together.

Final admission for the record I had drunk maybe a little more beer than was good for me, fell asleep on the train and woke up at a small station the next train back being nearly an hour later.   I was desperate for a pee and there were no facilities available, for the only time so far I was beginning to regret that side zip......
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