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Paula's Place

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Marks of Femininity IV

Greetings, yes you are welcome, but what I meant was the subject for my discussion today is greetings. now this is an area where I feel very insecure, as a bloke I stand up and shake hands.   Now this is not the way a lady greets, first off she does not stand up, other people stand up for her!   I find this quite difficult, I have to go against years of conditioning just to stay seated!

Then we come to the shaking of hands, or not.   I know that a good solid manly grip is just not appropriate, I suspect that the best thing is just to join hands, to put your hand in the others, and allow it to be shaken.   Of course you could go for the hug, personally I kind of feel that unless you already know each other then the hug may be best left, but then I am English and typically repressed.    The main thing is to be positive and not dither between the two, you can wait for the other person but then you run the risk of  putting your nose in their ear, or something equally embarrassing.   Then of course there is the kiss, this is whole new can of worms.   Again I know what not to do, grab the other person and stick your tongue down their throat, (unless you know them really well that is).   A quick peck on the cheek is good, my French friends will often kiss on both cheeks, but again I am English so I will stick to one cheek.

As I say I am pretty unsure on this whole area, so any advise is welcome.
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