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Paula's Place

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Lunch with P

I should say that P is and old friend who has only met Paula once before but is totally at ease with me.   We had lots to talk about, we are both friends with each other families and always have lots of news to catch up on, also P is a natural blond and proud of the fact and takes pains to live up to the blond reputation.

I drove us into town and we sat outside at a very nice Italian restaurant, after a lot of humming and haring some menu decisions were made, wine was ordered and we relaxed.   The waiter had already had a little flak from P as they only had one dish with risotto so when he brought the wrong wine he was teased even more.   We were then invited to change table as the one we at was a little wonky, while we did this the waiter then managed to lose his cork screw.   We did eventual get our wine opened and in the glass.  Now normally I am used to being automatically asked too try the wine so it was a pleasant little surprise to be asked which of us ladies would like to try the wine?

This was my first outing as a "lady who lunches" and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed just about every aspect of the experience.   There was a young couple sitting near us with a small child who made us laugh and we shared a little with the mother.   The staff were so friendly and attentive without being subservient, I think a lot of this is P's influence, she has a natural easy manner that is very attractive and has all men eating out of her hand within minutes, certainly the staff here were very soon enjoying the flirtatious banter.  I long for that sort of confidence in my femininity.   The food was good and the wine cold.   We chatted over lunch catching up on family news, work situations and all the usual stuff of friendships, when we called for the bill, I was surprised when P expected to pay, this was my treat, and a reward for taking me shopping, something P claims not to enjoy.
Before going to Matalan I thought it best to take advantage of the facilities in the restaurant, especially since I had been told I needed to repair my lips! (P is determined that if I am going to be more glamorous than her the I have to maintain it!) well I took my bag went and did what had to be done, as I was washing my hands P came out of the cubicle next to me, I hadn't realised she had followed me in, and we carried on chatting as I made the necessary repairs ( and yes they were necessary).   This was a small insight into the female world that is often at best only almost in reach, and gave me a warm glow out of all proportion too the event.
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