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Paula's Place

Saturday, 24 March 2012

I'm finished

I have been banging on for some time now about how busy I am, well the big landscaping job I have been on is now finished, I just have a bit of tidying up to do before the customer gets back from holiday in a couple of weeks.   This means two things here, one I have a bit of money in the bank so I a going to get my eyes tested and some new glasses, I will be going to one of the chain opticians who are offering a bogof (buy one get one free) so I will get one pair of by glasses and one pair of girl glasses.   Although my current glasses are not that masculine I am always conscious that they are not that fem either.   This came to mind again last night as my daughter admitted that she had chosen her frames from the men's section. (and she looks lovey in them)

One side of the "Big Job"
The other thing is that I am going to have a day off.   Next Friday I will be going to see my (female) friend who knows Paula, this will be a chance to spend a whole day out meet an old friend and relax, just what I need.

Right now I have to go and take about 30 sacks of green waste to the compost centre before going off to do another quote ~ onwards and upwards
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