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Paula's Place

Monday, 12 March 2012

He pinched my boobs!

It has been something of a mixed weekend, Saturday was great, as well as having a lovely outing on Saturday night I managed to fix a lawn mower and get lots of other jobs done, most of them like the mower have been waiting for my attention for ages.   From there it changed, when I went out to m van on Sunday someone had driven into the back denting both the back doors and making it rather difficult to open, but worse was still to come.

This morning as I went to the van to start work, I noticed that the side door wasn't properly shut, on investigating I found that it had indeed been broken into.   Even though I had quite a few tools in the back the only things that seem to be missing are my large drill / concrete breaker and my pair of angle grinders, and oh yes a load of Paula stuff.   I had some things in aluminium cases and a holdall with shoes and a few items of clothing which I had left in the van after Saturday night.

They left my handbag and makeup bag and as far as I can tell at the moment most of the shoes and clothes.   My expensive wig was chucked in the back, but there.   What I do know is missing all my jewelry including my two favourite watches, my "second best" (or only other) wig, all my nail varnish and remover, my scent, wipes and various bits of makeup which wasn't in the bag; and in some ways worst of all my forms.   I have acquired this lot over a period of at least a couple of years and won't be able to replace much of it.   Nothing was particularly expensive but now it has all gone I will need new earrings; necklace; rings before I can go out again.

I should be cross, but mostly I just feel very sad, but I console myself that it could have been a lot worse.


LL Cool Joe said...

Oh that really sucks. I have a great deal of "stuff" and although it's not expensive it's very important to me because in part, it makes me who I am. I'd be very sad to lose it too.

I hope you can get replacements for the things you've lost, you may even find you prefer them. :)

I must say, it's kinda strange stuff to steal though isn't it?

Pretty Sissy Dani said...

Sounds to me like the collision was the vehicular equivalent of a "smash-and-grab". They went for the stuff they thought had value--that they took the jewelry is the clearest indication of that. I suspect some relatively inexperienced thieves, as experienced ones would have recognized the jewelry as costume stuff, not even worth pawning.