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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Back again

The other day I went to the osteopath, I go to see him quite regularly to make sure that I don’t have to.   Bad backs can be a bit of an occupational hazard in my business.   Anyway I had intended to go home after work, get changed and then go and get pummelled.   A couple of days earlier I had cleaned the polish of my toe nails to save any embarrassment so it was just a question of some clean clothes.

I ended up working a bit longer than intended so went straight there, it was only when I was stripping down to my underpants, that I realised that I was in fact stripping down to my panties.   Nothing too extreme thank goodness a nice pair of black cotton high legs with a cute little white bow on the front ~ in other words nothing silly, pink and frilly but definitely feminine.   There was nothing to do other than carry on getting undressed and see what happened.   I am sure he noticed, there was no way that he could miss them, but was far too polite to mention it.   Well I paid up and we made another appointment for two weeks’ time, all OK indeed excellent as he is giving me a bit of a discount on the next appointment.

Well that was on Wednesday evening, after that I could start preparing for the weekend, fresh nail polish on my toes (I like coloured toe nails ~ that is pink or lilac not black or blue) and start my shaving regime.   I will be making the most of a weekend away by dressing for the journey each way and any other chance I get, and then the following weekend it is my support group meeting.   Since last month’s meeting was cancelled because of the weather I really want to get to this month’s.

The more astute of you will have noticed what I only realised earlier today, that next time I see my osteopath I will have nicely shaved legs, chest, arms and quite possibly tummy. Mmmmmmm?
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