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Paula's Place

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Worth a Second Look

Although it is only a week it seems like a long time since Paula went out ~ maybe it is because I am so busy with work and stuff ~ I am also pretty tired much of the time so I find I am not even thinking as much about going out as I have at time in the past.   A few times recently I have thought about shaving my legs and painting my toes nails ~ but then I think about it a bit more and decide that since I have no plans to be going out I won't bother.

When I do go out I like to look as good as possible, I like to make sure that all my jewelry matches ~ either silver or gold.  I select my eyeshadow according to what I am wearing, make sure that my whole look is an ensemble rather than just what I happened to put on.   Don't get me wrong I am no fashion model I just try to look as good as possible.   I do this when in drab as well, I will spend longer selecting a tie than my wife will spend choosing her whole outfit ~ for her most of the time it is just a question of what is clean.

Now what this is all leading up to is that I am conscious that quite often I get a "second look" I normally put this down to my height, my heels and my hemlines. certainly when wearing longer dresses or trousers the looks come less often.   In short I try not to look like a parady of a woman, I am not in drag, I am not dressed liek a hooker, I always try to be well dressed.   I am quite sure that I am "read" all the time I am out I am also sure that I don't get the second looks for the same reason as Kim over on travelling transgendered.   Note it was also Kim who coined the phrase "travelling pretty"
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