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Paula's Place

Saturday, 11 February 2012


Things have been very busy and I have barely had time to think never mind construct a post, yesterday I didn't even manage to turn on the computer.   That meant that once I did get home today and fire up the laptop, I had two days worth of cartoons to catch up on - well you have to do the important things first.

The Suit, photo taken last September
I managed to finish building my first fence of the year this morning, and with the snow covering everything else I didn't think I could get anything useful done so I took the afternoon off.   A quick dive home to change my undergarments for something less sensible before making a visit to the timber merchant to order the wood for my second fence of the year.   I was wearing a couple of pullovers and a fleece so I am quite sure that my bra, even though quite padded, was not obvious.

Even though I couldn't get completely changed at home it was nice to be able to all the underpinnings right, in comfort. All I had to do to be in full fem attire was to slip in my forms, swap my jeans for a skirt, change my shoes and take off the top pullover and put on my suit jacket.   Apply makeup and slip on wig and jewelry, I was now doing my business woman escaped from the office for the afternoon act.  the weather here is very cold and as a concession to this I was wearing think tights, I would have liked to wear boots, but mine have far to high a heel for this outfit, and this weather.   My aim for the afternoon was to do a trawl of the charity shops to find some nice boots with a low heel for bad weather wear.   I decided to start my hunt in Banstead - nice area lots of charity shops and a Nero's.

By the time I got to Banstead I busting for a pee, so I elected to visit Nero's first, buy a coffee and a cookie and make use of the facilities, refreshed and relaxed I could then commence my hunt.
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