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Sunday, 5 February 2012


When I was a youngster a trannie was a transistor radio, back then they were new and very small, well they seemed very small to us, small enough that you could hold it in your hand, up to your ear to listen to music, or put it in your pocket with an ear peace to listen to the Cricket during maths' lessons.   Now the word trannie has other connotations, for many of us it is an insult, for some an affectionate term for who we are, or what we do.   Many embrace the term trans, but trans what
  • Transgender
  • Transsexual
  • Transition
  • Transvestite
  • Transitory
Well I'm not sure I like the term transvestite, not so much because of the sexual overtones, it just sounds too much like one of the tribe the Jews fought against in Joshua and Judges.   I'm not sure that I am really transgendered, and I am sure I am not transsexual, I certainly (currently) have no intention to transition, but I do enjoy transvesting myself as I find it quite transformational, transcending the relief found from other Transactions.  

At the moment I think I can consider myself to be a transient woman, in as much as I am an impermanent woman, I am a woman only for short duration.   This of course is just a reflection of my current situation, but that is of course transitory, and anything could transpire.

Much of this has been transcribed from my dictionary or transferred into script from thoughts I had earlier, although not while in Church this mornings as I would not want to transgress while in the transept.  Well now I have transilluminated this I hope it is now all transparent
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