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Paula's Place

Friday, 3 February 2012

Time for a coffee

I have been a bit down lately, it has probably shown in my posts, largely I have been very busy and most of the time pretty tired, well today was very cold and I had an odd selection of work lined up.   Yesterday my customer threw me a real googly, and changed her mind about the whole job, what was going to be decking would now be paved, and add in a new fence, as long as the price was right.   So first off I had to load up the van with a load of hardcore which went to the builders merchant, where I could start sorting out my prices.   By the time I had sorted all that out and given the customer the bad news, I just didn't fancy doing hard labour in freezing conditions.   So I decided to pop out for a coffee.

When I say pop out to be honest I was already out, but before going for my coffee I got changed.   For various reasons I did have some clothes with me and I was already wearing tights (for warmth) and panties (for fun), however due to the limitations of what I had with me I didn't really end up with a terribly appropriate outfit.   What I did end up with was a purple top, the black leather mini skirt thick grey tights and my black high heeled boots.   I had all my makeup, jewelry and a wig with me so did my best to make myself presentable with relatively subtle jewelry and makeup, then covered up as much as possible with my long overcoat.

I only had an hour or so as Paula so I just had a coffee and did a little bit of shopping (all boring stuff nothing fun in the shopping basket today).   The staff at Superdrug were helpful, the girls at Nero's were friendly, I might have got a couple of second looks as I was walking around, but wearing those boots that's hardly surprising.   I was aware of a few glances in Nero's (coffee shop), but then again my heels were high and my skirt short.   Although I was still wearing my coat, with the buttons undone I was showing quite a lot of leg.

It was only when I used the facilities prior to leaving that I had a chance to properly look in a mirror, this was when I realised that I had a little chest hair showing, not much but if you looked you could see it. So either everyone was being very polite, or not very observant.   Not much of an adventure, but it still managed to considerably lighten my mood, now I find I have a barely controllable urge to paint my toe nails.........
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