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Paula's Place

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Not much really

Most of the time I am very busy at the moment, and have little time to think about anything at all outside of what I am doing at the time.   For the Lent period I shall be out at least four nights each week, so that will add to the stress levels in the whole household as well.   In the terms of this blog it also means that dressing is not on my mind much, every now and then it does rear it's head but mostly there is just the odd little background thought.

I am aware that there is at least one comment that really needs my attention, but, please accept my apologies I have other priorities at the moment ~ closer to home.

A couple of things I have noticed this morning is a comparison between Tip Wilkins of Skinhorse and Andrej Pejik

Also an interesting couple of peaces by Janie on her blog, one an interesting different take on the "is it just about the clothes?"  and in the light of what I wrote here a very short peace on the joys of being male!
Tip Wilkin
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