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Paula's Place

Monday, 13 February 2012

Back to Friday

Back on Friday I was talking about my shopping trip trying to find some boots for the bad weather.   Having drawn a black in Banstead I moved on to Epsom town centre.   There are a of of Charity shops there so I thought I would have a good chance of finding what I wanted.

My first problem was parking.   As I drive a van I really need surface parking and nearly all of the parking in Epsom in multi-story.   I eventually found somewhere but had a longer walk than I would have liked.   By the time got back to the town centre most of the shops I wanted had closed.   It does seem strange to me that these shops that are so keen for our business and support close at 5:00 on a Friday.   Anyway I did manage to visit a couple of of them but drew a blank.   I then visited the Ashley Centre - a Mall with a fair variety of shops including a House of Fraser, I popped in here and at the Lancome counter found they were offering a 5 day free trial sample of their new foundation.   They did not have quite enough of my colour so I was given a couple of days worth and was asked to come back in a couple of days for some more, I am sure I will do my best to take them up on this as I love Lancomb.   Going upstairs to the fashion department I glanced through the sale rails on the rail marked £30 or less I found a lovely orangey red silk dress, it looked like it could be my size and was just beautiful, before trying it on I thought I should just check the price - just as well I did it was marked down to £185 from £235   I showed it to the assistant and joked about it being on the wrong rail and how it showed what good taste I had, she responded well and we had quite a chat.   After using the "facilities" I moved on.

I always think that the standard of the loos in a department store are a good indication of how they see themselves and their customers, the ladies in this House of Fraser were quite nice but nothing special.

I gt a new battery put in my watch at the H Samuel's, resisted the Claire's and headed back to the car park.   Realising that I was a fair bit later than expected I sent my wife a sims warning her that I would be late as I had bumped int a friend and we were going for a quick drink, to back this up I did pop into a bar for a half, before changing back into drab and making my way home.

All in all a good afternoon out - too short and rather disappointing in not finding any boots but fun.
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