Paula's Place

Paula's Place

Friday, 13 January 2012

Thangs ain't what they used to be

Well it seems that the situation may not have been quite as bad as I had feared, I got home and found that most of my things a couple of dresses undies etc. were in a black bin bag on our bed along with a little case I keep make up wig jewelry etc. in.    I removed these to the garage, and nothing more was said.   There are a few items still in other draws, or hanging in my wardrobe, I will remove these shortly.   We did have some time alone and although I did not try to initiate the conversation I gave my wife every opportunity to, she declined the opportunity.

Some of this I am sure is her innate reluctance to talk about important things at all, she prefers to just express her opinion and then hope that everyone agrees - and we usually do.   I thought I had managed to reach some level of acceptance, but I obviously pushed the limits too far.   I think as long as I am more circumspect, and keep everything to do with Paula out of sight, then maybe it will also be a case of out of mind.   At the moment everything is in the garage, this will do for the time being but I will have to find a more appropriate accessible storage option.   Maybe some self storage or some form of locker which will take a couple of cases....looks like I have some investigation to undertake.

The main thing is that it looks like I am still part of this family, and that I don't need to murder Paula.
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