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Paula's Place

Friday, 6 January 2012

Search me

Along with the blog we get a lot of statistics on how many visitors, where they are from and how they get here, just about everything except for your inside leg measurement.   I have a counter at the bottom of the page showing the total number of visitors, but some of the other items interested me.

The searches that got people here last month were;-
·         Eddie Izzard Breasts                     5
·         Crossdress                                       3
·         Transsexual                                     3
·         Boobs sexy Christmas                   2
·         Karen Gillian style                         2
·         Leather miniskirt                           2
·         “comic strips”                                 1
·         Christianity and cross dressing  1
·         Cross Dressing                               1
·         Femulated Gallery                         1
·         Femulating                                      1
·         Femulators                                      1
·         He’s dressed crossdressed           1

I do wonder how they knew that if I did a strip it would definitely be comic, and just how complemented will Stana be to hear that Femulate has become a well used Google search phrase.   However I am most surprised by the top one, why are people searching Eddie izzard’s breasts, and how far down the list of results did they have to go to get to me!   Out of curiosity I did Google Leather miniskirt and got “about 21,500,000 results (0.22 seconds)”, I went through the first 15 pages and didn’t find Paula’s Place although some other quite interesting results did come up.   Interestingly on the images search a cross dresser does show up on the first row of results, but not me! I quickly went through 40 pages with 15 pictures per page, there were none f me, but there were six or seven of cross dressers, at least three of which were the same girl.
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