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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

On my mind

A while back I commented here on some of the non gender related things that were on my mind, As the Formula 1 season and the Six Nations are drawing ever closer this becomes more and more the case.   Now I don't like to think of myself as the typical male sports fan, indeed I am only really interested in Rugby and Motor sports, but I am quite excited about both our home internationals and the new GPs.

In Formula 1 I am hoping that McLaren will have a car that will challenge Red Bull, and that Jenson Button will get a second world championship.   I would love to see him confirm that his one world championship so far was no fluke, as a driver I admire his style, and as person, well I admire his style.   It is not just because he is British it is much more about the man and how he drives, I love the smooth gentle way he treats the car, managing to be aggressive but not abrasive.

And in the Six Nations we now have a situation where any team can beat any other team on the day,  realistically any one of four of the six could be crowned Champions this year.   Scotland and Italy would both be pleased to win two out of the five games, but any less than four victories would be a disappointment for the other four, and all of them will be aiming to win the championship.

I don't know how many other cross dressing ex prop forwards there are in Europe, but come 2:30 on Saturday afternoon I think we will all have our attention focused on Stade de France hoping that the Italians can repeat last years victory
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