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Paula's Place

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Later that Night

Well Mum goes to bed quite early and sleeps well (as well as being quite deaf) so for the first time in ages I had a bit of time to myself.   I decided that before retiring I would get rid of some unwanted hair.   I wanted to wear my new blouse travelling home on the Sunday, so would have to tidy up chest, and arms, I also thought it would be nice to at least have the option of wearing skirt so I would have to something about my legs as well.

I had a tube of Nair with me that I had used a bit off some time before, but thought I would make full use of it and do the whole body thing.   Mostly very effective with good clean smooth results (and no cuts) however I have had a bit of a reaction on my chest and I got some on my face that also caused a reaction.   So my conclusion good in parts, but keep of the sensitive parts!   It was then very nice and sensual to put on my satin pyjamas, and go to bed.   I slept like a baby (kept waking up crying and wet the bed), no I should say I slept soundly and woke up in the morning feeling great, smooth and lovely.

After getting up I had a shower and shaved off any bits of body hair I could see that I had missed the night before, again I could make this a fairly leisurely process which makes a great change from y usual morning rush amid the competition to use the bathroom.   More on the rest of the day later
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