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Paula's Place

Thursday, 26 January 2012

I've done my time

Well of course coming home from Cardiff I travelled Pretty, I wanted to wear my new blouse, and felt that to go with it I should have a black bottom (if you know what I mean).   Having worn trousers the previous day and having made my legs all smooth and hairless I opted for a pair of black culottes, black pantyhose and as a concession to the cold weather my knee high boots.   To try to add a little subtlety I had my long overcoat with me, and wore this when not driving.  (although I'm not wearing the coat in the picture as I wanted to show off my new blouse)

I made a couple of stops on the way home, the first for a coffee and comfort break, the second closer to home.   Stopping at a motorway services is always a bit of pot luck, on this occasion the services were not  too busy so I didn't have to queue for the loos, or struggle for a seat to have my coffee.   I was not aware of much attention from any other travellers, other than one man who kept looking my way (and I suspect paying particular attention to my legs, the culottes being on the short side and making for quite a display), I'm not sure whether he was attracted by what he saw, more than normally curious, or simply confused, anyway he didn't act on it so I'll never know.   Just as well maybe.

I had made good time and was earlier than expected so I popped into the Grape & Grain for a glass of wine.   As always I was simply accepted by everyone there.   If anyone might have thought I was anything other than I was presenting as then they didn't mention it to me.   At this Pub I always feel secure, safe and welcomed, on Sunday night the landlady wasn't around, but I was greeted with the correct pronouns and treating with courtesy and friendship.

edited for spelling 26-01-2012
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