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Paula's Place

Monday, 30 January 2012

Faith issues

No not my own faith issues but those people of faith who feel confused by what we do, and how we can do it and still maintain that we are Christians.   Last night while surfing I came across Joey's Pad I don't know much about Joey but the discussions triggered by an e-mail asking the question "how can you do what you do and still be a christian when I have been taught that you will all go to hell" (I paraphrase) has caused a lot of comment.    It makes me realise that there is an awful lot of intolerance out there on both sides of the fence, there is a lot of mud slinging but in amongst it some very insightful, sensitive responses.

If you are interested in this subject then take the time to read these and also drop in and take a look at

By the way can anyone tell me how I can put up links without having to show the whole address?
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