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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Small things

Just a small thing
Yesterday (Thursday) I had to go out and visit a friend who has a job she would like me to do, as I knew that this would turn into an extended chat over the kitchen table I did not dress for work, as I also know she is quite liberal minded I dressed in all fem garments while still presenting as basically male.   This means sheer black tights (pantyhose), jeans black polo neck, and denim jacket, under this I wore panties and a satin slip, everything was designed to be worn by women, even my Hush Puppy loafers.    The small thing on this occasion was my watch this too was made to be worn by a lady and was perhaps the most obvious feminine item, it is these small things that give me joy.   I find now that I am so comfortable dressed this way that it sometimes feels odd to be wearing proper male attire.   If it were not for the family I think I would be very tempted to dress a lot more fem a lot more of the time.
I have received a few compliments on my appearance when I do dress this way, I think much of this is that I am comfortable, but there is also a factor that women's clothes are just generally a little better cut, a better fit and designed for appearance as well as comfort.   I find that men's wear is often baggy and lose, where the female alternative is designed to fit.

I think I mentioned that the other day I was a bit down so painted my toe nails, every time I see my feet, naked or through hose, I smile, I now have the same colour on my finger nails, a bright cherry red, as I will be going out soon.   I am unexpectedly free today so will be going to the bank, dropping some letters off and looking for a present for my Mum, so I decided that Paula could a have her last outing of the year.

As this will be the last for a while I am determined to enjoy, I will report any adventures.
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