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Paula's Place

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Down side

I am away over the weekend, so have a prepared a couple of posts in advance.   I will let you all now of any adventures I manage to squeeze in while I am away.

One of the disadvantages of my work is that I am mostly on my own, working in isolation, with only contact from my customers.   I also often find that this is an advantage as well, when I am in one of my "I prefer plants to people" moods then it is definitely an advantage.   The downside is that I don't get to see people, and I like to look at people, well mostly it is about half of the people I like to look at.   On of the joys of working in  office in town is the chance to watch the women.

I do like to see what they are wearing, how they are behaving interacting with each other.   On my odd occasions when I can get out I really enjoy just sitting in a coffee bar and watching  the world go past.   Of course I end up paying special attention to how ladies are dressed, sometimes I am surprised at how casual women are in their dress, this also suggest that they are casual about their dress.   Without a thought of why they are making their choices, what their clothes are saying about themselves or their occupation.    It was a particular pleasure therefore when spending a little time in town the other day to see a lot of women very smartly dressed.   I know that I am biased but it is a joy to me to see a skirt suit with heels, makeup carefully and subtly applied, in short women who present themselves as well as a cross-dresser tries to.
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