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Paula's Place

Monday, 12 December 2011

Back to Friday

As I said I have been away all weekend, so the last few posts were prepared in advance and put up automatically while I was in or on my way to Cardiff.   Of course in the mean time things have been happening that have not made it into blogland.   So just like my hero the Doctor I am going to go back to Friday........(wibbly wobbly lines across the screen as we go into flashback)

My afternoon appointment 'phoned to cancel, I was very sorry to hear that this really sweet lady was ill, but it did give me a chance to get out and make a couple of visits I have been planing.   Basically this meant a trip into Streatham.   As the two visits I wanted to make in Streatham were one to my wig supplier and the other to the new trans friendly Boutique that has opened, I thought I would go dressed.   With a nod to the colder weather we are currently enjoying I decided on leggings, a nice mauve hooped tunic and some ankle boots.

My visit to Mary at Fosters soon sorted out my little technical issue with my hair, she then escorted me to her friends new boutique almost next door - what a joy.

This new shop is still having a few teething problems but has a great range of clothes, some nice jewelry and the odd glamorous bit of furniture - mirrors, bedside tables, coffins that sort of thing.

This is also the first retail outlet for Tanya Dawn Hughes the famous, or infamous trans blogger.   I was really pleased that there was nothing of a tacky sexual nature there, certainly some of the stuff was a bit theatrical, but no "naughty knickers", appliances or anything of that sort, so I am quite happy to say pop along have a look and maybe pic up something a bit glamorous.
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