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Paula's Place

Sunday, 18 December 2011

As I Said

As I said there was something else I wanted to do while I was at the Crystal Palace.   Twice Paula has been to the Grape & Grain and found it to be  pretty friendly pub.    I know the beer, wine and welcome are generally good, but it was nice to find that Paula was as or more welcome as him.

The previous time I was in I had quite a conversation with the landlady, about the book I was reading and the local library.   I have now finished the book and don't expect to want to re read it so I thought I would pass it on.   After having my hair cut I popped into the Grape, ordered myself a coffee, and was preparing to settle down, when the land lady came up to me, she remembered my name, and was bowled over that I had remembered her interest in what I was reading, and then passed the book on to her.   It is nice that I feel valued and safe as Paula here, that they remember and accept me, and treat me as a valued customer.   I see they have a book club, I might see if I can get along to that a few times, it would be nice for Paula to interact with civilians who do not have an economic interest in being nice to her.

The two previous times I had been here were fairly late and I had been dressed "up to the nines" (where does that expression come from) so it was nice to go in during the day, more conservatively dressed.   I am sure that I was much closer to passing in my day wear, but either way every one treated my well.   Over on her Blog Femulate (if you don't know it why not?) Stana has been mussing on whether it is important to pass, or to just be accepted and has come to the conclusion that acceptance is more important, and maybe passing comes from that, she says;-

"Now, I am personable to everyone I encounter. I don't wait to see how they react to me.

I believe that by being personable and outgoing, it surprises people and they react positively whether they read me or not".

I strongly recommend going over a reading the whole thing
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