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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Another Busy Weekend

Well a potentially busy Saturday anyway.   I have a concert in the evening, the band is playing a fund raiser near Crawley in Sussex, at the same time my Support Group is having a Christmas dinner in Croydon.   While I know that I must miss the dinner to play the concert I am hoping to be able to get back to Croydon in time for a coffee with the girls after their meal.
Also on Saturday there is a new T friendly store opening near by in Streatham.   At the moment I have little idea of what this will be like, but since they are planing a "Grand Opening" on Saturday I would like to pop in and see for myself, never know who I might meet, or what I might see.   I am hoping that they might have some hip and bum pads or padded panties so I can fill out those jeans a little better.

On a different note - I have been complaining about my bad back, well earlier today (Wednesday) I bumped into a friend who amongst other things operates a Natural Health Clinic, I went into the clinic with him where he offered to diagnose the source of the problem, excellent.   This involved using a machine that sends pulses of magnetic energy through the body - or something like that - the outcome was that he found I had lots of muscle damage and a sprain, the machine is also the treatment, and I feel a lot better now, and even managed to do some work this afternoon.
Like I said - Obvious
For the machine to work I had wrist bands attached, and had to put my feet on some pads, so I had to take off my shoes.   This was a potential problem, but I decided to go ahead anyway, the problem, once I had taken off my shoes it would be quite obvious that I was wearing tights and that my toe nails had scarlet polish on them.   Of course he noticed and at first didn't say anything, I couldn't believe that I was going to get away it, and I was right.   After making us both a coffee he asked the obvious question, so using Megs "No More Stories" rule I admitted "Yes, I am wearing nail polish and tights", why, "the tights for comfort and warmth the nail polish just for fun" I then went on to admit that I do sometimes cross dress, and ask that for the sake of my wife the information be kept in confidence.   In all he was pretty cool with the whole thing, a little surprised perhaps, but very understanding.

That is now a couple of times I have been r very nearly have been tumbled, I shall either have to come right out or start being a bit more cautious, and since my wife would simply not handle my cross dressing being public knowledge I will have to be more cautious.
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