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Paula's Place

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Hard at work

Office Drag
Yes I am working - honest there is some work being done.   As well as my gardening business I do some freelance data entry and marketing work.   Today I am engaged on some number crunching  for one of my regular customers. It only seems fair that  since I am working at the computer I should be dressed appropriately, so today I am in what Stana at Femulate calls "back to work drag"
Proof that I'm working

My original intention was just to try on this new dress I bought on Monday, it is a very nice grey sleeveless tunic dress from Marks & Spencer, it has some nice shinny buttons as a feature on the front, is fully lined with a full length zip at the back.   All in all quite a nice classy item, especially since having bought it from a Charity shop I only paid £3.99 for it!

Once I had slipped it on, I realised that with out the proper underwear I could tell nothing, then my neck looked a little bare so I had to put something round there, then I had to put on the rest of the jewelry to match.  It still wasn't quite right, my shoulders seemed somehow naked, so I had to add the jacket and of course shoes.   I have ended up fully dressed complete with a nice subtle nail varnish which you can just see in the photo.   As I am at home on my own I have left off my wig, but now Paula had work to do.

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