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Paula's Place

Friday, 21 October 2011

Feeling proud

I am indeed feeling rather proud at the moment, I just had my daily look at Femulate, the excellent blog by Stana.   Her blog is always interesting, informative and entertaining, if I can even approach her standards I will be very happy.

But why does this make me proud, MY PHOTO IS ON FEMULATE yeh!!!!   as she changes the photo daily it's this one from 31st October 2010, I honestly hadn't realised that it was Halloween until I saw some people on the way to a party.

Just visible is the sartorially challenging "farmers tan", but I still like the sleeveless look, it is so totally feminine, men's sleeves come in long or short, ladies three quarter, cap, short, sleeveless, strappy and more, so for me there is nothing more feminine than a dress (no male equivalent) with no sleeves.   Then add to that the fact that this little black dress fits and feels really well.   I just can't wear it often enough, dressed up at night, or with a simply casual jacket for day wear, it does the lot.   I know that largely the point of a little black dress but I do have another one, that is just not as versatile, it looks great for evening wear, but is too slinky for daytime.   Still with the party season approaching - bring it on!
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