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Paula's Place

Sunday 23 October 2011


I like boots, I like to see women wearing boots, I like to wear them myself, and I find that a boot supporting the ankle helps a lot when walking in high heels.   I have never been able to convince myself that thigh boots are appropriate for street wear, but knee boots are another matter, so I am particularly pleased to hear that they are very much back in vogue. I am not simply relying on this article for my assertion, I have also noticed a lot more boots on the street as I am travelling around.

I like the look of boots with trousers, with the trouser leg over the boot I always wonder are they ankle boots, knee high, or higher? worn over tight jeans they are simply dead sexy.   A new trend I have noticed is wearing brown, or tan knee boots with black skinny jeans or leggings.   I would not have expected to like this, I have always thought black with black, brown with brown, but it does work, especially with lighter tan leather boots.   Now I believe in having decent quality boots, so I will probably not be following this trend myself, as just at the moment there are more pressing calls on my finances, but if I do see something nice in my next charity shop trawl.......

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